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Make your next special event a Lost Mountain Golf adventure!

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Ride the Rapids, Beware the Snake Pits, and Take a Leap of Faith!

Looking for some wholesome fun for the whole family, a child’s birthday, or group outing? Breathe fresh air and soak up the sunshine while you enjoy an imaginative mini-golf adventure at Lost Mountain.

Built around a three tiered waterfall, this imaginative course rises 22 feet into the air. During your play, you will pass through rock outcroppings, journey across a waterfall, and climb to the summit of Lost Mountain. The challenges you face will only be surpasses by the fun you experience! This is family fun at its best; entertainment that will keep you coming back   for more.

Along the way you’ll encounter plenty of exciting challenges: a mysterious Burial Ground, an imposing Stonehenge, the hidden Bogey River, a Leap of Faith bridge over troubled waters, the crooked Devil’s Elbow, and the Final Ascent up a steep double tier green.

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